The Tale of Becoming; Blind, a holistic art gallery curated by Melbourne photographers Earf and Snacky.

Since 2017, the pair have wandered through both urban and natural landscapes, venturing to capture the weird, wonderful and mundane, culminating in this one-off event.

Never settling on comfortability, Earf and Snacky have used a multitude of cameras throughout their photographic journey as a way to refresh their perspective and challenge their creative abilities.

Hosted at ‘1st PRODUCT’, all are welcome to come and witness the world through their eyes.

Written by: Eleftherios Kordabalos
Beers provided by: Atomic Beer Project
Featuring Special Guests: Violet & DocG
Event Photos: Earf Ramezani

Produced and Edited By: @violet.jpg
B-Roll By: @snack.y@earf_ramezani
music composer & new topographic, event and documentative photographer
specialising in analog formats