Snacks, aka Snacky, is a cyberspace based artist whose ethereal music takes you on an emotion-filled journey with no destination in sight.

With a sound cultivated through the influence of fellow internet-based artists, Snacks refuses to be boxed into a single genre or single geographic sound. His creations are independent of his environment and are instead inspired by his own artistic expression and evolution as a child of the internet.

While embarking on countless collaborations with a wide variety of artists, Snacks has transformed, mentally and creatively. Snacks', self-identified, favourite creation is his 2019 single, Messy. Messy brings together the perfect elements of serenity, adventure and wonderment as it invites listeners to release tension and embrace the unknown.

Snacks' recently released debut EP, Beware of False Prophets, is a light-filled passage into the timescape that will leave you drifting through the dimensions. The entire voyage flows effortlessly to procure a nonchalant dream state. Beware of False Prophets exhibits the turbulent and exciting journey of self-realisation, growth and the tranquillity that comes with it.